Roy C Harris FBHI
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UK Specialist in the Service and Restoration of Marine Chronometers

When one thinks of the first “Sea Clocks” the name of John Harrison is at the forefront although the Frenchmen Pierre Le Roy and Ferdinand Berthoud were also working on the problem of longitude, but Harrison’s stubborn determination and forty years of dedication resolved it and led to the British domination of chronometer production.

Working on marine chronometers is a specialist undertaking, tools and equipment play a part but above all a high degree of skill is required to achieve the original standards and finish of these instruments.

Restoration or conservation work is carried out where necessary, sympathetic with age and style of the item, ensuring that the original is preserved as much as possible. Please read the page on buying chronometers. I am always pleased to try and source clients specific requirements in a marine chronometer.  

All chronometer movements are serviced/overhauled and guaranteed for twelve months. The reason most chronometer movements are in excellent condition for their age is that they have been treated with great respect during their working life. As a vital tool of the mariner they have received regular service. It is when they have left that life that some have not faired so well.